Brecka Arnett: Missionary Care Testimony

My name is Brecka Arnett. I just turned 34 years old. I’m originally from Omaha, Nebraska and married to my husband Matt who is from Detroit, Michigan. We started ministry in Uganda in 2008 and started a community based ministry 10 km North of Kampala in the city of Gayaza. We left Uganda in 2010 and returned in 2015 with our 2 children Jacob 6 and Parker 4 who recently have 3 brothers we are raising and hope to legally adopt – Tendo 13, Ki bwa 11 and Happy 9.

We have been serving the community of Uganda since 2008. We began an after‐school program which encompasses the passion of football and pairs it with the need for educational support and the balance of spiritual guidance. Our focus is to provide a way for kids to do what they love in a safe, caring environment. We want them to understand the importance of education by providing after school tutoring. We recently opened a library that the community and the local school are using to improve literacy. The main focus is to show them the love of Christ and provide mentoring, and spiritual guidance as well as trying to plug them into local churches in their community. Besides our ministry, I am a full‐time teacher at a Christian International School called Acacia. My husband runs our ministry Rising Star Ministries as well as a new program that is for the international community called Rising Star Football Academy.

Right before the July Be Loved retreat, we were robbed of all our electronics. At the retreat I was able to get a gift of a kindle reader. The other gifts were a bonus as well but the care I received through new relationships and the time of worship together was the biggest blessing. To just be able to release emotions and not feel judged for crying. The love that was shown for me to try and meet my needs was amazing.

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Check out all the different ways you can bless a missionary around the world.

Love on a Missionary

Check out all the different ways you can bless a missionary around the world.

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