Catalyst Trip

An overseas experience for students.

Catalyst Trip

If you are a high school student from Marietta City or Cobb County (GA), our 2020 Catalyst trip page can be found HERE.

What is Catalyst Trip?

Catalyst is an overseas vision trip experience for students. Our comprehensive and immersive pre-trip curriculum prepares participants not just for the trip itself but ultimately for their post-trip response. Catalyst Trip is intended to encourage students to engage with their global community and inspire them to action. 

In the months and weeks leading up to travel, students and leaders meet monthly to build team cohesiveness, cultivate cultural sensitivity and awareness, provide thorough trip preparation, and discuss appropriate post-trip action and responsiveness.

On the field, Catalyst students are exposed to a wide range of needs, opportunities, and multi-cultural perspectives. They are introduced to ministries and non-profit organizations, business leaders, and government officials. Participants receive a wholistic view of the country to which they travel; the good, the bad, the challenging, and often the very beautiful, including the natural wonders specific to the place they visit.

Catalyst participants recognize that they are traveling overseas as learners. They are empowered with the knowledge, global perspective, and meaningful, personal connections that will allow them to identify needs and service opportunities they can engage with once they are back in the U.S. 

Explore possibilities and ignite your passion.
Don’t waste your trip; make it a catalyst to something more.

WHO can be part of a Catalyst Trip: Groups of high school, college or university students. A representative from your student group would contact Go Be Love to get started on creating a Catalyst Trip just for your group.

WHAT is included with a Catalyst Trip: Go Be Love will work with your group representative to customize a trip specific to the preferences of your group. We will create an itinerary for your group and build a budget that includes flights, in-country costs, visas, travel liability and medical coverage and more.

WHERE does a Catalyst Trip serve: We customize the trip based on your group. If there’s a specific country or part of the world Go Be Love sends teams to that you would like us to plan a Catalyst Trip for your student group to visit – just let us know.

WHEN will a Catalyst Trip take place: We would work with you to plan the trip based on your schedule and availability. For many student groups this is on their spring or winter break or during summer.

HOW to get started: Fill out the Catalyst Trip Interest Form below and a Go Be Love staff person will contact you to answer any questions you may have, and to begin the process to create a Catalyst Trip designed specifically for your group.

Contact us about planning a Catalyst Trip for your group!

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