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Breaking News Regarding COVID-19 and Go Be Love International

Dear Friend of Go Be Love International, 

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, Go Be Love has suspended all operations through the end of the year.  All 2020 mission trips have been cancelled and new trips will be scheduled in 2021, upon the successful global resolution of the COVID-19 crisis and stabilization of international travel. We do this with the sincere hope of bringing the ministry back, better than ever, when the time is right and as Jesus provides.

For the last 15 years, the mission of Go Be Love has been committed to GOING. But today, our call as responsible global citizens is to stay. During this time, Go Be Love urges all of our faithful friends and supporters to consider how you might “Stay Be Love” in your local community. Though these are uncertain times, we take comfort in the knowledge that none of this has surprised our sovereign Lord. We will get through this together and by His grace. 

With Heavy Hearts,
The Go Be Love Team: Shelly, Autumn, Jean Ann, Frank, and Casi

We would be so grateful for any amount you are able to give during our operational suspension.
All funds will be used to help support our staff and for basic ongoing maintenance.

Operation Suspension Notice
While operations are suspended, Go Be Love will have no paid staff. However, our team is dedicated to seeing Go Be Love succeed. Staff have volunteered to answer emails even during the closure. Please be patient when waiting for a response, keeping in mind that the ministry is technically closed during this time.
Mailing Address
PO Box 100284
Nashville, TN 37224

Phone / Fax
866-670-2433 / 866-538-5338

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