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What’s this all about?

47% of missionaries leave the field before the end of their first term. Go Be Love seeks to change this.

In order to thrive on the mission field and find success in pursuing the Great Commission, missionaries need to feel seen, known and loved. With your help, we can bring much-needed relief and encouragement to missionaries. It’s the simple things – family retreats, new supplies, favorite treats from home and more.

Through #MerryMissionary, our aim was to raise $30,000 by the end of 2017. Thanks to a whole lot of very generous donors, we are thrilled to say that we reached our goal. If you would still like to give toward this campaign, you are more than welcome to as every gift we receive will help us pour into more missionaries than ever before.

Fundraising Progress of Total Year-End $30,000 Goal

Fundraising Progress of $30,000 Goal

  • 100%

• 2 matches of $5000 met and exceeded! • Year-End Goal Reached. • Thank you!

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Go Be Love is grateful for any amount you’d like to contribute to our missionary care efforts! We love missionaries!



Carol Adams: Missionary Testimony

Please tell us a little about yourself. I am in Fort Portal, Uganda by myself. I am 73 years old and came here from Maui Hawaii where I was a horse trainer and riding instructor. How long have you been on the mission field and what do you do? What’s the focus of your...

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Sarah Turo – Missionary Testimony

My name is Sarah Turo. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I just graduated from high school. I decided to take a gap year to come to Uganda for ten months. I am doing my mission in Arua, Uganda. After I finish my 9 month term, I will go to Bellarmine University to major...

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The Harpers – Missionaries serving in Uganda

Sid and Wendy Harper first traveled with us way back in January of 2012 on a trip to Rwanda. Our earliest memories of Sid are of him playing his guitar for the kids with special needs at Noel Orphanage. Every day when it was time to go we would gather at the van and...

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Brecka Arnett: Missionary Care Testimony

My name is Brecka Arnett. I just turned 34 years old. I'm originally from Omaha, Nebraska and married to my husband Matt who is from Detroit, Michigan. We started ministry in Uganda in 2008 and started a community based ministry 10 km North of Kampala in the city of...

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