Missionary Care Initiative: Travel Grants for Loved Ones to Visit Missionaries

Missionary Care Initiative: Travel Grants for Loved Ones to Visit Missionaries

Travel Grants for Loved Ones to Visit Missionaries

Serving on the mission field is rewarding but can also be challenging. One of the hardest parts about serving as a missionary overseas is being so far away from loved ones. A visit from loved ones is often not possible due to high travel costs. As part of Go Be Love’s commitment to encourage and refresh missionaries, we want to help cover some of the travel costs involved to make it possible for loved ones to visit missionaries on the field. 

Grant Details

Additional Grant Details:
If you are not awarded a grant the first time you apply, you are welcome to apply again at the next deadline. If you do not receive a grant, you will not automatically be considered for one at the next deadline unless you apply again. You can apply as many times as you’d like but once you have been awarded a grant, you will not be eligible to receive another grant. Please do not make travel plans that are contingent upon receiving a grant unless you have been notified by Go Be Love that you have been awarded a grant. We are not able to award grants to every applicant. This is a newer program for us and we have a very limited number of grants we can give out. They will be awarded  based on the guidelines provide on this page. If you are awarded a grant, please make sure to read all of the details we send you regarding the grant process.

If you are in a “sensitive” or “closed” area of the world, we have created a simplified version of the application specifically for you that has potentially problematic key words taken out. You can access that version HERE

In order to demonstrate due diligence and impact to the donors who provide grant funding, those awarded grants will be asked to share their stories with us through photos and video. Photo and video requirements apply only to applicants serving in safe, open countries. 

Questions related to this initiative can be directed to: Autumn.Kerr@GoBeLoveInternational.org

Missionary Care Initiative: Travel Grants for Loved Ones to Visit Missionaries

Grant Guidelines: Because we have a limited number of grants that we can provide, we have established the following guidelines:

  1. Grants range from $500-$1500.
  2. Grants are awarded for the flight portion of the trip only and flights will need to be booked through the travel agent that Go Be Love designates. Grant funds will be paid directly to that travel agent toward the flight booking and not to the individual traveling. Any additional funds needed to cover the flight beyond what the awarded grant covers will need to be covered and paid directly to the travel agency at the time of booking by the traveler or another party as arranged by the traveler and/or missionary. In the case of a cancellation after flights are booked, a refund will be requested to the airline/travel agency and the grant portion that was covered by Go Be Love will be refunded to Go Be Love. This allows us to award those funds to other grant applicants.
  3. Grants are intended to help loved ones who may not otherwise be able to afford traveling overseas to visit their missionary friend or family member in the place they are serving on the mission field.
  4. Preference will be given for visits to missionaries who have not had anyone visit them on the mission field before or for special circumstances (graduation, wedding, birth of a baby, surgery, hardship, etc.)
  5. Because of the number of grant applications we receive and the limited number of grants we are able to give out, we are not able to award more than one grant per missionary being visited. 

Funding decision will be made by: September 1, 2020.

We are now accepting 2020 grant applications. Deadline to have your application included for consideration is August 1, 2020. Click on the “Apply for this grant today!” button below to submit your application. Make sure you are redirected to a page that says “Success” – this is how you will know we received your application. Applications for this round will be filled out online through Managed Missions (we use this same website for our mission trip applications) rather than emailed. We are accepting applications until August 1, 2020.

Would you like to help fund a travel grant?

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