Missionary Care

Supporting missionaries around the world.

Missionary Care

47% of missionaries leave the field before the end of their first term. Go Be Love seeks to change this.

Being a missionary is rewarding, but it can also be hard. Some challenges include: culture shock, isolation, power outages, hostile bureaucracies, and dealing with the pain that comes with missing loved ones at home. The holidays can be especially difficult times for missionaries and their families.

Because Go Be Love has sent thousands of short-term team members to the mission field since 2005, we are uniquely positioned to come alongside and serve field missionaries. We do this in a number of ways that you’ll see below.

We believe that one of the best uses of a short-term mission team is to serve the long-term people that are there serving on the ground day in and day out. If you have a heart for missionary care, we would love for you to partner with us.

Missionary Care Initiatives

CURRENT CAMPAIGN: Summer Blockbuster

“Summer Blockbuster” is a monthly donor campaign for Go Be Love International that puts missionaries in the spotlight!

This Summer 2019 campaign will highlight specific missionaries that Go Be Love has served.  Missionary care is an important but often overlooked area of ministry. At Go Be Love, it is the heart of who we are and what we do. Through our short-term teams, we come alongside missionaries in a number of ways including hosting on-field retreats, utilizing team luggage space to carry over gifts for missionaries and their children, hosting missionary fellowship nights and more.  New for 2019, we also introduced a new initiative to provide travel grants for loved ones to visit missionaries on the field.  

Travel Grants for Loved Ones to Visit Missionaries

Serving on the mission field is rewarding but can also be challenging. One of the hardest parts about serving as a missionary overseas is being so far away from loved ones. A visit from loved ones is often not possible due to high travel costs. As part of Go Be Love’s commitment to encourage and refresh missionaries, we want to help cover some of the travel costs involved to make it possible for loved ones to visit missionaries on the field. 

Fellowship Nights for Missionaries: “Cherished”

Missionaries often experience loneliness and isolation on the mission field. That’s why Go Be Love created “Cherished”, an evening to celebrate and honor missionary Moms & Dads. We host events for moms and for dads in mission fields where Go Be Love is active. These events are filled with all the things moms and dads love, like goodies from the US, favorite snacks, a fantastic meal, fellowship, worship, games, door prizes, and more. Find out more at our “Cherished” page here.
Giving Tree
Go Be Love’s Giving Tree represents a unique opportunity to support, encourage, and refresh field missionaries around the world. Simply display your tree, allow participants to select a tag and donate the money for the item they’ve picked, and Go Be Love will purchase the items selected and send them to the mission field with one of our short-term teams traveling over the holidays.
Missionary Retreats
Overseas mission work is filled with complex challenges: culture shock, isolation, power outages, hostile bureaucracies, and more. In order to thrive on the field, missionaries need support for themselves, and not just their ministry work. One way we support missionaries is by offering retreats for them and their families. We offered two retreats in 2017 and have several planned for 2018.
Project GPS: Gathering. Packing. Supporting.
We created Project G.P.S. (Gathering. Packing. Supporting.) as part of our Missionary Care efforts globally. Project GPS is a unique opportunity to support, encourage, and refresh long-term missionaries. Through Project GPS, “senders” have the ability to collect, pack, and send goods, supplies, and comforts from home to overseas missionaries.
Contact us to get involved in caring for missionaries globally.

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