East Asia July 2020

Wednesday, July 15, 2020 – Sunday, July 26, 2020

East Asia

July 15-26, 2020
Trip Details

Trip Cost: $2300-$2600 + airfare + visa if needed

See Cost & Payment Tab Below for Details


July 15-26, 2020

Team Leader(s)

Lori McMurphy

Team Size:

12 people max

We are so glad you have an interest in East Asia! This particular team has been going to the very same place since 2014 and we protect it, therefore this description is a little vague. What we want you to know about this trip is that it is a gift, it is a little piece of beauty in a place you might not think to look. Your Father is doing amazing work here. It is a small orphanage, maybe about 20-25 children mostly boys and very rarely are there infants. So if you are specifically seeking a trip where you can hold babies this is not that trip. However, you will find some amazing children and staff who are very much worth getting to know!

This trip is also not just about what we do during the day with the kids but our time with the locals at night in the streets where MANY people come out every night to dance, sing, jump rope, and ride scooters. A lot of times we will join them and even play the Chicken Dance, Macarena, or Cupid Shuffle!

A third thread to this is your team members. We like to function as a “body” which means we will all learn to love each other and work with each other all for Him. We take pre trip preparation very seriously and do a lot on the front end before we go to try to be as close as possible. It becomes a bit of a part time job! But, it can only be as good as what you put in to it. Are you ready to put in the work? To allow Him to mold you and make you into something different? You will never be the same once you say yes!

Space fills up on these trips fast. Sign up today!

Trip Type: Orphan care. For more specific details about this trip, please contact Frank Pass at frank.pass@gobeloveinternational.org

Ideal Demographic: This trip is appropriate for individuals, groups, and families. If you are pregnant or think you might be during this trip, please check with your doctor and the trip coordinator before planning to travel.

Age Requirements: 12 and over with a parent, 15 and over without.

Total Trip Cost
$2300-$2600 + airfare + visa if needed
*Final total varies depending on team size and flight costs which will vary depending on your departing airport. Your exact total trip cost will be given to you after flights are booked. Flights to this part of the world in July can range from $1,500-$2,200.

If you do not already have the visa, the cost is $250-$300.

Estimated at $4100– $4400 total including airfare

Trip Payment Schedule
DUE MAR 15, 2020 – $500 SECOND PAYMENT
DUE APR 15, 2020 – $2,000 (For booking flights)
*If you sign up for the trip past any of the above payment due dates, you will need to fundraise to catch up on those deadlines quickly.

The following items are included in the trip cost:
✓ International airfare plus domestic connections from your home airport (see flight info below for more details on flights)
✓ 3 meals a day on the international portion of the trip
✓ Accommodations based on sharing rooms with other team members (see FAQ page for more info on room arrangements)
✓ In-country transportation
✓ Translator/Guide (if needed)
✓ Trained leader for the team
✓ ACE Travel Insurance Coverage (medical, liability, travel and security assistance services)
✓ Tipping for guides, meals out, etc.
✓ Administrative costs
✓ Excursion costs (if any)

Costs not included in the trip price are: meals on airport travel days when traveling to and from the US, any additional costs due to deviations, any fees associated with baggage or immunizations, passport, personal shopping money and incidentals such as snacks, additional beverages, laundry, phone calls, film and other personal items. Costs for arts & crafts and other items needed for activities your team takes to do with the children are also not included in the trip cost.

Required Documentation
1. Submitted trip application (with deposit)
2. Current passport that will not expire within 6 months of travel date

Documents Needed (2 weeks from registration)
1. Signed Child Protection Policy & Guidelines document
2. Signed Code of Conduct document
3. Signed Short-Term Mission Trip Guide document
4. Signed Release, Hold Harmless & Consent Form
5. Signed Cancellation Policy
6. Signed Background Check Consent Form
7. Signed Statement of Faith
8. Spiritual Leader Reference Form #1
9. Spiritual Leader Reference Form #2

*A background check will be run on all teams members over the age of 18.
*All documents should be turned in to us within two weeks from the time you sign up for the trip.

Team Member Commitment
I understand that the mission trip starts the day I apply for the trip and agree that, as a part of a Go Be Love mission team, I am committing to being available for conference calls leading up to the trip and reading all emails and materials pertaining to the trip, and responding when necessary. I understand that these communications are needed to maximize the effectiveness of my team on the mission field, to prepare each person for the trip and to build team unity. For some teams, this may include 4 to 8 conference calls leading up to the trip. I understand that a large part of these conference calls will focus on a spiritual preparation and will include doing a pre-trip discipleship study together.

Go Be Love advises all travelers to read the US Department of State background notes on their website. Travelers can also check the latest health information with the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention at http://www.cdc.gov to get the most recent health advisories, immunization recommendations/requirements, and advice on food and drinking water safety for regions and countries. We also suggest that all participants consult their physician before traveling abroad.

Paying for Your Trip
Go Be Love encourages our team members to raise support. Once you are signed up for a trip, you can fundraise with all items on the team member fundraising section of our online store, you can send out support letters or come up with your own creative ideas. We use a team member database called Managed Missions that allows you to create your own custom fundraising page. Unlike other online fundraising pages, donations will go directly into your trip account and will also be tax deductible for your donors. This feature is called Public Profile and we encourage all team members to create one and send the link to your donors who would like to give online. You and your donors can also make tax deductible payments toward your trip total by mailing checks to Go Be Love.

Flight and Travel Info
One thing that sets Go Be Love mission trips apart is that we book ALL flights for all of our team members, including your domestic connections from your home airport. Please list your home airport on your application. For smaller airports, please give several options for airports you could fly from as sometimes our international airline partners may not have options in and out of smaller airports. Please note: because we will be booking all of your flights and connections and because we do so at the best possible price – this does not always mean the best possible schedule. Many times, the international airlines we use are able to offer us domestic flight connections at a very low cost (usually only $75-$100) and therefore, we are offered a very limited class of service. This might mean longer layover times so please be prepared for this in advance. You may find a better schedule online but that doesn’t mean that it was an option within the price range and class of service we were going for. If you have specific limitations on arrival and departure times, you will need to let us know in writing 90 days or more in advance and you will need to be prepared to incur additional costs if your preferences do not fall within the class of service we are offered at the lowest cost.

About Your Leader

Lori McMurphy

Team Leader

Lori has a degree in special education and has worked with kids with special needs off and on for the past 25 years. Her area she is most familiar with is those children with mild to severe needs. Her heart for the orphan began in the early 80ʼs when she heard of baby girls being abandoned in East Asia. Little did she know, the two loves would become part of a beautiful puzzle He was putting together. Lori and her husband have five children. They have two boys, three girls, three dogs, and a lizard. Her love for the nations grew after their adoption trip and she was thrilled to be a part of a Go Be Love team in 2013. Lori joined her friend Gael as co-leader for a 2014 trip and continues to lead teams for Go Be Love International where she looks forward to continuing to develop relationships and shining His light for these beautiful people!

I’m ready to Go. Be. Love.
I’m ready to Go. Be. Love.

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