Sarah Turo – Missionary Testimony

My name is Sarah Turo. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana. I just graduated from high school. I decided to take a gap year to come to Uganda for ten months. I am doing my mission in Arua, Uganda. After I finish my 9 month term, I will go to Bellarmine University to major in Psychology and minor in Women’s Studies. After college, I want to come back to Uganda to work long term for people with trauma.

I have been working in the mission field since August. Since I am not with a specific organization, I am able to work in different areas around the community. I teach math and English, help out at a daycare, help at a medical center for malnourished children, help at the refugee settlement and catalog music at Radio Pacis. The focus of my mission is to help heal the wounds emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I have found that my heart goes out to the people in the refugee settlements. I listen to their stories and share them. I also play with the children. Even though there is a language barrier, the children still love spending time with me and in return I loved putting smiles on their faces.

Being such a young missionary, it can be very overwhelming at times; however, the outcome always outweighs my fears. I would never change it for the world.

The Be Loved Thanksgiving Retreat helped me rejuvenate physically and spiritually. I have felt the closest to God that I have been and the retreat helped me realize that. I cannot wait to become more educated and then come back and see how I can help in other ways. If you want to read more of the stories or experiences, you can read my blog at

Q&A about the Be Loved Thanksgiving Retreat:
What was your favorite part of the retreat?
My favorite part of the retreat was how open all the Go Be Love team was to talking to everyone in the free time. I also expected the retreat to be more like a conference, but I’m glad at how laid back it was.

Can you give any feedback about the Be Loved Boutique and/or gifts that the team brought over for you? Were the items helpful to you or meaningful in any specific way? Do you have suggestions for items that we should bring for future retreats?
The boutique was perfect because it was all the things that I wouldn’t of thought about me mission or wanting until I looked and saw the items. The gifts were sentimental because it gave me an opportunity to ask for something that I wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise.

Did you or someone in your family get adjusted by the chiropractor or have other services such as massage? If so, what was your experience with these services? Would you recommend we offer them again? Are there other services you would have preferred more? Any feedback you can provide is helpful.
Sarah, the chiropractor, gave me good insight on how to keep my body lose while I go back to Arua. The massage helped me stay relaxed. I highly recommend that they get offered again. Some services that I would of liked would be a hair dresser.

How did the retreat or any specific part of it impact you?
It made me aware that even though I am helping people in need, I still have needs of my own.

Sarah wrote a whole blog about the retreat HERE

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