The Harpers – Missionaries serving in Uganda

Sid and Wendy Harper first traveled with us way back in January of 2012 on a trip to Rwanda. Our earliest memories of Sid are of him playing his guitar for the kids with special needs at Noel Orphanage. Every day when it was time to go we would gather at the van and count to make sure we had everyone and every day we would be one short because Sid was still there, guitar in hand, surrounded by kids. We said on that trip that Sid was a lot like Jesus with skin on and really the whole Harper family embodies that attitude. After many trips with us the Harpers now serve full time on the mission field in Uganda where they were recently able to attend our Thanksgiving Be Loved missionary care retreat. The videos we shared here feature Sid & Wendy expressing what this retreat meant to them and their family. When you support our #MerryMissionary campaign you allow us to continue supporting awesome missionary families just like the Harpers.

Love on Missionaries like the Harpers

Check out all the different ways you can pour into missionaries around the world.

Love on Missionaries

Check out all the different ways you can bless a missionary around the world.

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